Unleashing WOMEN'S VOICES is the key to positive change in this world!

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Women’s Voices

Are you ready to throw away those feelings of self-doubt, being invisible and that fear of speaking up?

We are a women’s public speaking club. A community of women who will support you in your journey to GROW and learn the art of speaking in public. You will:

Our Mission

To support women in finding their voice,value themselves, their ideas and perspectives and to share them confidently and authentically.

Our Purpose

ENCOURAGE & support each other to improve CONFIDENCE with speaking in public
MOTIVATE members to speak with PURPOSE
POSITIVE mindset and be optimistic about the speaking outcome
OPEN MIND to learn something new and trust in the coaching process
WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, rest assured you're in an environment where women are helping women
ENERGY is required to speak to be heard and to speak as your authentic self
RELATIONSHIPS built and maintained - connecting with like minded women