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Improve your connections with retreats

Do you need to get away from the everyday?

Join us for a Retreat that will both inspire and motivate you to take charge and make good choices, ultimately lending to a better life!

In today’s world with everyday stressors, politics, and the rise of social media, everything we interact with can start to feel stressful. In a time where the concept of self care can range from drawing a warm bath to seeing a therapist, we’re more aware of the importance of taking time for ourselves.

Life-coaching retreats are growing in popularity, supporting those of us who need general guidance, help in dealing with life change, or support to move beyond a major trauma.

In addition, we offer retreats that focus on personal development and training on various topics.

Empower Womens Wellbeing Coaching
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Retreats can be tailored to your specific needs.

However, we can suggest coaching or workshops on:

  • Happiness and Wellness
    The relationship between mind and finances
  • The art of speaking in public
  • Communication and connection
  • Living an authentic life
  • Moving forward after a traumatic event
  • Starting a relationship – Communication to connect
  • Business or Leadership
  • The relationships between mind and money
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