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Unlock Your Inner Speaker: Transform Your Speaking Abilities with Professional Coaching!

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Improve your connections with coaching

Build Lasting Connections in Your
  • Personal Life
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  • and Business!
  • Developing strong public speaking skills is an invaluable asset that can lead to a range of personal and professional benefits.

    It enables you to make deeper connections with others, to convincingly articulate ideas, to build a higher level of confidence, and to communicate with poise and clarity. By honing your public speaking abilities, you can open yourself up to a world of opportunities. 

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    The benefits of our coaching programs​

    Career & Business Advancement

    Are you looking to boost your professional skills and stand out from others in your field?

    Improve Communication Skills

    Do you feel your relationships have clear communication lines?

    Do others not only hear what you're saying, but understand what your message is?

    Increase Your Confidence

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    our coaching programs

    Private Coaching

    Our 1-on-1 public speaking coaching is suitable for anyone that wants to develop their public speaking skills for work, study or personal interest.

    The focus is on providing you with simple and practical tools that can be applied immediately to help you feel more confident and competent when public speaking.

    Our coaching sessions are tailored around your individual needs and goals, so you GROW. Starting with any issues you may have, looking at the current starting position, what you would like to achieve, your options and a way forward.

    Some of the areas we can focus on during coaching include:

    • Overcoming nerves and anxiety
    • Speaking with confidence
    • Improving vocal delivery
    • Engaging an audience
    • Storytelling
    • Using body language effectively
    • Presentation structure and design
    • Answering questions confidently


    As a Coach I can teach you the principles of public speaking and point out mistakes in your public speaking techniques. I’ll make you aware of tendencies you would otherwise miss.

    Group Coaching

    By investing in group training, you will reap the results, creating a positive workplace culture, more productive teams and strong relationships with stakeholders. Your team members will thank you.

    Our public speaking workshops are designed to equip and empower individuals with the practical skills they need to be effective communicators.

    Understanding your business will allow us to tailor our training around your team’s needs too, if necessary.
    Our public speaking workshops are suitable for:

    • Executives and managers who need to present to large or small groups
    • Business professionals who want to sharpen their communication skills
    • Anyone who wants to overcome their fear of public speaking
    Women's Voices

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